If you’ve made it to this page, you’re likely already suffering. Hopefully you will find this a safe place to not only explore depression, but also to experience understanding and compassion around the many facets of this depleting force from within.

Know this—I understand your pain and I understand your struggles.

You are not alone.

There is hope.

Self Compassion, forgiveness & non-judgment on the healing path

It’s important to watch our thought processes around self-criticism and self-judgment when we’re doing inner work. If we get caught in the trap of critical thinking towards ourselves it brings toxicity and pressure to the healing process. This can slow and prevent healing.

The importance of volition and mindfulness

Kehoe wrote, “The ability to choose what we think and so direct our thoughts is a creative act of volition of enormous significance” When we’re on the healing path, it’s so, so important to watch our thought processes. Whether we’re dealing with depression or just everyday life, our thoughts will create a healthy or unhealthy environment in the mind. This then creates our moods, actions and behaviors. The answer, we must watch our thoughts!

On times of indecision

Ranier Rilke, in Letters to a Young Poet, invites us to ‘Live the questions’ in times of inner angst and indecision. In this short video I read and discuss the full text around this quote and discuss how we can use it mindfully as a tool to help us find inner guidance to the answers we seek.


External Resources

The World Health Organization (WHO) has put together a few videos on depression. You may find them valuable. The first is geared towards those who suffer, the second is more for the understanding of family and loved ones of someone depressed.